Policy of Privacy

Policy of Privacy

In accordance with the effective protective norm of personal data, and taking care of particular form the had thing in articles 12 to 14 the RGPD, one inquires to him into that the person in charge of the treatment is Tagoror Networks, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (in future, “Tagoror”), situated in /Perales Cs. 96, Tacoronte, 38350, Santa Cruz de Tenerife with CIF B38627212, [email protected] e-mail and https://www.ws-agency.com website

Their personal data will be treated by Tagoror to take care of integral form their request for information. Also, they also could be tried in order to manage the possible contractual relation, where appropriate, that it can derive from a possible order of products and services on the other hand through this form or any other ready in line through present website.

The legitimate base of the treatment is, with main character, the consent of the user, reason why the lack of the contribution of its data will be able to suppose the impossibility to transact its specific request and/or request in this scope. In case of asking for the hiring and/or contracting to a certain product or service of Tagoror the legitimation base of the treatment of its data talks about to this end to the execution of precontractual measures or a contract between the parts.

With general character, their data will not be yielded to third parties unless therefore it establishes it or it imposes a law. They will not be realised either, a priori, international transferences of data. In case of concurring, these would be realised with the due legal guarantees in harmony to articles 44 and following of the RGPD.

One inquires by virtue of the article 30 into Code into Spanish Commerce his data to him will be possible to be conserved at least by six (6) years, in particular, in those cases that derive in the hiring from products and services on the other hand.

Finally, it is informed his that will be able to exercise its rights of access, rectification, suppression, limitation of the treatment, portability of data and opposition, directing a communication in writing through [email protected] e-mail, with the ref. “Exercise Right” accompanying to its request copies of its national identity card or equivalent identifying document (passport, N.I.E…). In case of not considering taken care of form due his personal rights, it will be able to make a complaint before the authority of competent control, in this case, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data.

With a view to fulfill the normative mentioned one and to help to the Client or user of any Product or Service of Tagoror Networks to understand how they are compiled, use, treat and protect their personal data, we informed you into the following aspects related to their right to the protection of personal data.

Glossary of Terms

For the best understanding of the Policy of privacy, the following concepts are defined to which it will be made reference in the same:

+ Client or holder: person or company who realises and maintains the contractual relation with Tagoror.

+ User: person who uses any product or Tagoror service.

+ Interlocutor of company: person designated by the Cliente company of the Product or Tagoror Service for informative and/or commercial communications.

+ Product or Service of Tagoror: products or services whose commercialization is realised under anyone of the brands of Tagoror Networks SL.

+ Webpages and Apps de Tagoror: webpages and applications whose ownership of Tagoror Networks SL, as well as the contracted puttings at the disposal of the Client for the use of its products and services.

Data processing

Tagoror Networks, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY will be the person in charge of the treatment of the personal data of the Client based on products and services that it has contracted, except for those particularitities that could be gathered in the conditions of the product or concrete service.

Personal data that we managed

From Tagoror, we treated the personal information that the client facilitates for the hiring of a product or service, as well as the information generated through the benefit of the same. On the basis of the minimisation principle, the data that we will be able to try will be adapted, pertinent and limited the necessary ones based on the aims for which they are tried, and always respecting the will of the client.

The data that could be treatment object, following the Products or Tagoror Services that the Client has contracted, as well as of the allowed additional treatments or authorized by the Client, will be the determined ones in the following categories:

+ Data of client: it is the data set formed by the data of contact, behavior of payment, as well as any type of information successfully obtained, where appropriate, through the channels of attention to the client, including the obtained one through the visits to the webpages of Tagoror Networks, and the interactions of the client with Tagoror Networks SL in his networks.

+ Data of Products or Services Tagoror Networks LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY: type of products or services that have been contracted by the client and invoicing

+ Data of traffic: they are the retail associate data of connections, that is to say, date, hour and directions IP of connections of our services of mail and servers of hosting.

+ Data of visits Web: they are the data of public direction IP of each connection realised by the user, including his date and hour of connection, or applications used by the client, the IP of the Web that the client consults, name of domain (URL) and separated visited within the webpage (URI).

Terms of conservation of the information

One inquires to the client into which, in accordance with the principle of limitation of the term of conservation, the picked up data will be treated only and exclusively during required time and for the purposes for which they have been successfully obtained at every moment. Because they will be maintained so that the identification of the interested ones is allowed during not more time of the necessary one for the aims of the treatment of the personal data.

In particular, Tagoror Networks, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY are put under the fulfillment of certain legal obligations, as, for example, Law 25/2007, of 18 of October, conservation of data regarding the electronic communications and to the public networks of communications that imply to store to the information of traffic and location during a term of 12 months to contribute in case of judicial requirement.

From the above and in generic terms, Tagoror Networks LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY it has established the following the terms of conservation, which will depend on the type de dato of the Client and will be applicable, unless in some assumption one different in the present Policy from privacy or the conditions of benefit of each one of the products and services has been specified:

+ Data of client: the data will be conserved during the use of the contractual relation plus an additional maximum term of 8 years after the conclusion of the contract, in the application of the Civil Code and normative public prosecutor.

+ Data of Products or Services of Tagoror Networks SL: the data will be conserved during the use of the contractual relation plus an additional maximum term of 8 years after the conclusion of the contract, in the application of the Civil Code and normative public prosecutor.

+ Data of traffic, visits Web and location: the data will be conserved during the term of 12 months.


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