Terms and Conditions

Téminos and Condiciones

GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR NAMES OF DOMINION (registry, transfer, etc.) WITH ws agency hosting

On the one hand Tagoror Networks LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (in future ws-agency.com), with CIF: B38627212 and head office in c Pear trees 96. Tacoronte. 38350. Tenerife.

Of another part the contractor (in future client), legal natural person or whom the hiring form compliments, that appears in www.ws-agency.com, with the demanded data and with which ws-agency.com establishes a commercial activity through this contract. The client knows, understands freely and accepts, after inquiring into the characteristics of the service, the present contract.

Both parts, ws-agency.com and client, are interested in formalizing the present contract accepting the terms and conditions established in the following clauses.

The present contract intends:

A. - To regulate the conditions in which the client asks for the registry and/or transfer of one or several names of domain through ws-agency.com as well as any request regarding the domain names of second level. For the names of second level .com, .net and .org ws-agency.com it acts as Recording authorized and for the other names of ws-agency.com domain it acts as intermediary organization between the client and the competent Recorder, being put under the procedures of inscription established by these organisms;

B. - To regulate the form in which the service on the part of ws-agency.com with the own limitations determined by the ICANN is lent.

C. - To regulate the payment, the conditions and the form of remuneration of the client to ws-agency.com by served.

Other benefits, services, applications or options can be offered by ws-agency.com to the client through other contracts or in commercial official notices as well as by the arranged thing in the Web www.ws-agency.com

Tariffs of Registry of Domain

The tariffs of registry of domains are expressed in ours website, being these amounts the same for the actions of renovations. Deranet reserves the right to modify these tariffs, in which case the changes to the client through e-mail, postal mail or fax will be notified.

Form of payment

The client compromote to in advance cover renovation and registry the costs, through the means that ws-agency.com can put to its reach (banking transference, domiciliation, etc). ws-agency.com will not come to the registry and renovation from any name from domain if the costs of registry or renovation were not covered.

Other clauses

ws-agency.com will register the name or asked for names of domain with the data provided by the client.

ws-agency.com will be able to appear in the WHOIS as technical contact, or contact of payments. In some cases, and under express request of the client, it will also be able to appear as administrative contact. In any case, the property of the domain will be always of the client. This clause is only applicable to the domains that they have contracted services of hosting.

Once registered a name of domain through ws-agency.com this one plan of lodging, chosen by the client is lodged in the servers of Tagoror Networks LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY in the service/, among the offered ones by ws-agency.com.

The lodging option is optional. The client always will be able to lodge his domain where she wishes. For it Tagoror Networks, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, will provide the tools necessary to falicitar this work at any moment. (Normally managed through a Control Panel).

In case the client does not wish to contract the services of hosting that offers ws-agency.com, this it will be able to decide where to lodge it. For it will have to specify the DNS and directions IP for his domain, through the management tools that offer ws-agency.com

ws-agency.com acts as intermediary between the client and the final registrante, facilitating all the tasks of registry, update of data, renovation, etc. The client authorizes to ws-agency.com to take to end all these administrative tasks.

The client at any moment, can decide that to do with his name of domain. This includes the change of data, erasure or transfer of registrante, or any other option available.

ws-agency.com is committed to use all the means to its reach to come to the registry/transference/renovation from the names from domain after the validation from the payment from the corresponding order. One is despite a commitment regarding means and in no case of a commitment regarding the results.

Renovations of domains:

All the renovations of domain will have to be indicated by the client, by means always written, or preferably through the utilities provided through control.

The requests of renovation and their corresponding payments will be due to realise before the expiration date.

Once exceeded the expiration date the client can realise renovaci&oaacute; n of the domain as long as the domain is not in the status of REDEMPTION PERIOD. Tagoror Networks, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is not made person in charge of the lost one of domains by not have realised renovaci&oaacute; n before the date limits of lapsing.

The .com domains and, .net before being erased will enter status ‘REDEMPTION PERIOD’ during 30 days. Throughout this ws-agency.com period it will be able to recover his domain although with a quota superior to the one of hiring of domains. This quota ascends to 170,00 Euros, and will have to be phelp in advance. The steps of recovery of domains can take between 1 and 7 days.


The user accepts the terms and conditions of ICANN, that can consult in the following connection… http://www.icann.org/dndr/udrp/policy.htm


In case the client does not pay or she is delayed in the payment, the present contract will be extinguished automatically. The client can cancel his domains before the term notifying it to ws-agency.com finalizes in writing, or through the utilities provided through Control Panel. This cancellation does not entail any reimbursement.!

Observations: The distributing clients/who have chosen the form of payment by means of debit, will have to notify the losses of domains with a minimum of 30 days of advance.



  • Supplier to Tagoror Networks is denominated, to which in future reference as “ws-agency.com” is made, name with which commercializes the services of hosting.
  • Client to the legal natural person denominates itself or who signs an order order online.
  • Internet is a set of interconnected networks, located anywhere in the world.
  • Identifier to the set of name of user and password is denominated that allows the client to identify itself in the network.
  • Space is denominated Web to the storage space that ws-agency.com grants to each client.
  • Netiquette to the set of norms of use of Internet by the users is denominated commonly, for example:
  • Not to send e-mails in mass to people who have not asked for it (” junkmail “or” Spam “).
  • Not to send a message to one or several groups of debate, if its content is not related to the subject of these groups.
  • To respect the author rights.
  • Not to go against the RFC185 (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1855.html)


This document tries to define the conditions and the modalities in agreement with which ws-agency.com puts its products at the disposal of its client.

In the http://www.ws-agency.com direction all the supply of ws-agency.com is described. The order order that is online comprises integral of the present contract. Any order of one or several ws-agency.com products online implies the acceptance of the present conditions and terms.

The present contract subscribes by the period contracted by the user to count from the first payment regarding the purchase of in charge product. It can renew ipso jure per indefinite periods of time, being the normal thing per periods of a year. The payment of the quotas to arrive at ws-agency.com, as minimum, one week before the conclusion of each annuity (according to the date of invoice). In case the client does not pay or she is delayed in the payment, the present contract will be extinguished automatically. ws-agency.com reserves the right at any time to put term to the present contract and without previous warning. In case of infraction of the norms of use of the service, the account of the client could be suspended without no reimbursement is realised to him.


The identifier:

After realising the order online and validating the payment of the product, the client receives an identifier in the electronic direction that appears in its order of order. This identifier allows to administer products ordered by the client (access to servant FTP, access to the Control Panel, etc.).

Space Web:

ws-agency.com proposes the client to lodge in its servers DNS a domain name, and in their Web servers, an associated disc space, by means of the payment of a rent whose cost varies based on the product chosen by the client. The client will be able to choose his name of domain (direction Web) insofar as this domain is available, as long as it fulfills the norms of allocation of names according to the chosen extension. The client has total freedom to settle down the content of his space Web, on condition that she obeys the effective laws and norms in Spain and its country of origin. Any type of content related directly cannot publish itself indirectly or to:

  • Hacked into programs (MP3, cracks…)
  • A racist or profane character

DERANET reserves the right to retire, at any time and without previous warning, any content that considers in opposition to the Spanish laws, international or of nettiquette.

Email address:

ws-agency.com puts at the disposal of the client email addresses, alias of e-mail and redireccionamientos of e-mails in the amount that settles down in the formula selected by the client. The client will be able to choose the directions insofar as they are available and they are accepted by ws-agency.com. ws-agency.com reserves the right to suppress, at any time and without previous warning, one or all the email addresses, alias and redireccionamientos, if it considers that the way in which they are used does not fulfill the norms of nettiquette. They are reserved certain technical manuals.


The client commits himself to provide truthful and correct information when to carry out the reserve of his or its name (s) of domain. He also commits themselves to notify to ws-agency.com any change regarding the facilitated data and will be only person in charge of possible malfunctionings that can be from erroneous data. The client assumes the total and exclusive right responsibility of possible violations of the intellectual or industrial property of third parties, of the public order or moral convention and any litigation regarding or to them the name (s) of domain (s) acquired (s) through ws-agency.com

The client is only person in charge of the election of or them the name (s) of domain that she acquires. In no case he will be able to take responsibility to ws-agency.com of resources presented against a name of domain acquired through ws-agency.com. The client will have to maintain a direction of valid e-mail and a mailing dress. The data will be updated by the interface predicted Web to this end. The client commits himself not to try to penetrate in the computer science systems of ws-agency.com

Limitation of the resources:

ws-agency.com provides packs of lodging that allows to use scripts cgi, feasible PHP and other programs. Shelp scripts more resources of the system use many that the simple pages php, reason why prevail certain restrictions to the use of these functionalities. Scripts must consume an acceptable amount of resources of the system. Scripts that uses many cycles of CPU and much space of ram memory will have to be suspended or additional expenses will be able to be applied. ws-agency.com will do all the possible one to warn the clients who use scripts if they consume a too high percentage of resources of the system, before suspending their service. Nevertheless, if scripts causes problems to the other clients or these consume too many resources, the service will be able to be interrupted without previous warning.

Scripts does not have to interact under any concept with the configuration of the servant or the material. The execution of scripts of this type will be able to cause the immediate cancellation of the account of client without reimbursement some.

Use of PHP/MySQL:

One notices the client who the use abusive (or based on an incorrect programming) of MySQL and PHP (scripts of curl, persistent connection, etc.) can return incompatible the operation from the webpage in a shared servant, and to expose to the page at issue to the suspension without previous warning, with the purpose of guaranteeing a quality of the acceptable service for the set of the clients of the servant.



ws-agency.com does not exert any control on the content emitted by the client, or through his space Web or of the post office that it had to send. ws-agency.com does not become person in charge, under any concept, as a result of any action or resource of third parties, especially the related ones to:

  • Information, sounds, images, texts and any document multimedia in opposition to the legislations and norms effective, including and/or spread in its space Web by the client.

  • The violation of the rights of intellectual property regarding contained or spread works, completely or partially in the space Web of the client.


Due to the characteristics and limits of Internet, that the client declares to know, ws-agency.com does not take responsibility in no way of the speed of access from other pages of the world, nor of the slowness or the difficulty of access to the page of the client. ws-agency.com does not take responsibility either in case the e-mail messages, the articles of debate forums are not directed, due to the own limitations and characteristics of Internet.

ws-agency.com reserves the right to temporarily interrupt the accessibility to its services for improvement and/or maintenance aims, without it gives right indemnification. Nevertheless, ws-agency.com is committed to do all whatever is in its hand to reduce to the minimum this type of interruptions.

The access to its webpage through Internet will be able turns after the update of the servers of name (DNS) of all the suppliers of access. The time of propagation can be of 2 to 7 days.


ws-agency.com does not become person in charge in case a hostile introduction in the space takes place Web of the client or I hack into of the mailboxes of mail of the client, in spite of all the safety measures adopted by ws-agency.com.

Refusal of guarantees:

ws-agency.com offers its services based on the availability. ws-agency.com denies any other guarantee specifically, including those guarantees of value of market or physical form for a specific aim. ws-agency.com does not take responsibility under any concept of the derived, indirect, special or fortuitous damages. Although the client has informed to ws-agency.com of the possibility that this loss or possible damages takes place. If the service offered by ws-agency.com were disturbed to the client, or in case an operation failure took place for whatever reason, ws-agency.com does not take responsibility of the loss of income due to an interruption of the service.

Greater force:

ws-agency.com does not take responsibility of any delay or breach, in case it was motivated by the event of a force majeure recognized habitually by the jurisprudence. The force majeure throughout suspends to the obligations derived from the present contract the course of its existence. Nevertheless, if the duration of the existence of this force majeure went superior to 30 days consecutive, it would give right to the rescission of the present contract ipso jure by anyone of the parts within the eight later days to the shipment of a letter certified with receipt requested in which this decision was notified.


The client commits himself to defend, to guarantee and to maintain undamaged to the supplier before any loss, damage or claim (including an honorary representative) related to the use of this served by the supplier to the client by virtue of the present contract, including, without restriction: the false publicity, the claim of responsibility by a product or service sold by the client, the “copyright” or trademark, the interruption or the failure of operation of the service, or by any content presented by the client.

Technical attendance:

ws-agency.com is committed to give to gratuitous technical service to the user so many times as it is required. The technical support will be taken care of following the urgency of the same, and of the order of solicutud of support. The technical service will be lent by telephone, email or through our Web,

http://www.ws-agency.com/soporte.html If outside necessary, our technicians could move until the address of the client, as long as the client in advance covers the costs with transfer and quotas of support, of whom properly will be informed.


In case the client does not pay or she is delayed in the payment, the present contract will be extinguished automatically. The client can cancel his quota before the term notifying it to ws-agency.com finalizes in writing. This cancellation does not entail any reimbursement.!